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Kite nuovo low

Air and water

“ALL IN ONE” mono-block solution with several fl ows and temperatures for:

- cooling ring (single or double), IBC and gauge control;
- providing thermoregulated water between 7°C and 25°C (44.6 to 77 °F) to the extruder, torque motors, drawing device and other utilities.
Easy regulated air fl ow from 0 to 100%
Indirect exchange between air and water eliminating any risk of coil frosting.
Droplet separator on all units
Suitable for installation in any climatic area of the world.

The electronic controllers of Kite and Kite Dex have an excellent connectivity to other units. Their program flexibility can match with the most demanding applications and grant a perfect local and remote control, thanks to the connectivity module FS i-LINK. The user-friendly and intuitive interface is supported by a wide, backlit graphic display with several multifunctional keys.

The gains in efficiency come from the innovative eco-friendly gas R410A. With its improved thermal conductivity, R410A, combined with the preferred choice of scroll compressors and electronic controls, greatly reduces the energy consumption and, accordingly, the emissions of CO2, for which KITE has been certified by ESEER (European Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio).
The use of R410A allows a Coefficient of Performance COP considerably higher than R407c, especially in the cooling systems for air. The scroll compressor has been selected too for its features of high efficiency, compactness and low noise level. KITE provides 35% energy saving when compared to the traditional R407c systems.

...and with KITE FREE COOLING additional energy saving 20%!
The maximum energy efficiency comes from the possibility to integrate the KITE with the free-cooling by exploiting the ambient conditions when 5°C (41 °F) lower than the set point. In this case, the chiller automatically stops the compressors and decreases the energy consumption of 100%. The combination of R410A with the Free-Cooling option makes KITE the blown film extrusion cooling technology with the lowest energy costs and the shortest payback time.