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Sludge-Remover Magnetic Filter

The FDM sludge-remover magnetic filter is the optimal solution to solve the plant problems due to pollution by particles (especially rust and sand) which are formed due to the effect of corrosion and scales during the normal operation of an hydraulic plant.

The magnetic filter ensures a continuous protection of the circuit, as it holds all the impurities present in the plant and prevents their circulation, avoiding wear and damage to the most delicate components of the plant, such as pumps and heat exchangers. The FDM filter removes magnetic and non-magnetic particles which can cause damage to the closed circuit, especially during the first period of operation; subsequently, the continuous passage of the fluid through the filter during normal operation gradually leads to the complete removal of all the particles.

With its compact dimensions, the FDM filter grant a great versatility in installation and ensuring a long lifetime and maximum efficiency of the plant: it eliminates impurities and combats corrosion.

The stainless-steel cartridge, while ensuring an effective filtering action, has been designed not to create excessive resistance to the passage of the fluid with minimum possible pressure drops.


In the FDM filter, the fluid that flows through the cartridge filter element comes into contact with the magnet; the ferrous sludge is retained thanks to the double effect of mechanical filtration (at the cartridge charge) and magnetic field (at the magnet charge).

The effect is amplified by the difference in section: the filter body has a diameter lager than the pipes, so the fluid slows down inside the filter and the suspended particles can be captured and retained more effectively. In this way all the magnetic (ferrous residues) and non-magnetic (algae, sludge, sand etc.) contaminants present in the plant are retained in the filter body.