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stratTransparency, integrity, diligence all determine Frigosystem orientations in the daily job and in the sharing of ideas, of projects, of investments, but also in the market politics, in the relationship with the customers, in the collaborations with the suppliers, in the analysis of new technological proposals. We value the point of view of those who sustain our growth and our determination, giving the customer the chance of expressing his own needs and consolidating the basis for the development of our specialization. Our openess to multiculturality allows us to devote technical and commercial strategies to a globalized market, in which both productive and managerial needs constantly play and change. Frigosystem brand is well reputed for quality, reliability, competence and innovation. High standards, more than anything, determine Frigosystems position as a top level manufacturer among its global competitors. We constantly strive to protect our customers and work with R&D, prototyping, sub- supply monitoring, the accurate selection of components, rigorous tests and reactive technical service.