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Frigosystem dry coolers, series DCS, can operate in closed circuit without the need of fresh water, thus eliminating problems associated with traditional cooling towers. Moreover, the new range of DCS coolers are extremely efficient when compared to the most innovative undirect circuit cooling towers.

DCS coolers may be supplied with the new generations of spray systems, which allows continued use in very critical ambient temperatures without loss of efficiency.
DCS coolers may be connected to all existing systems, they may be controlled by the new generation of microprocessor that also helps to produce energy savings
Fans can be controlled by:
- Traditional proportional ON/OFF step control (GRA)
- Proportional phase cut (REG)
- EC technology controlling the speed revolutions of highly efficient brushless fans

DCS coolers may work as free coolers when connected to an existing chiller with the purpose of supporting the compressors charge and reducing the energy consumption, thanks also in part to the use of a 3 way proportional valve and a differential thermostat.

No-glycol versions are also available and provided with a self-draining condenser: when ambient (air) or process (water) conditions are critical and closed to the minimum value of the working ranges, the draining system opens, all pipes empty and there is no risk of mechanical breakages due to frost.

  • No water/air contact
  • Maximum efficiency due to special Frigosystem design
  • Vertical airflow and vertical battery pack
  • May be operated as low as -20°C without anti-freeze (-4°F)
  • Compact size
  • Body manufactured from corrosion resistant aluminium
  • Easy maintenance
  • Electronic regulator for double set point
  • Fan speed control
  • May be interfaced with Frigosystem chillers for optimum functionality