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manutenzioneFrigosystem have designed their units with a specific emphasis on ease of maintenance. Component parts have been selected from premium suppliers who can both certify the quality of their products and guarantee the declared performances. However, as this is referring to industrial equipment, Frigosystem nevertheless recommends regular cleaning, care and maintenance as detailed within the user manual. To simplify these operations and maintain efficiency and longevity, Frigosystem places at the end user’s disposal a team of expert, qualified refrigeration technicians. They will co-operate with the user to put into place a program of planned maintenance. The aim being to preserve the performance and longevity of the installed equipment and avoid malfunctions, unexpected stoppages and offer extraordinary maintenance.

 Ordinary Programmed Maintenance

The programmed maintenance package offers scheduled and detailed preventative maintenance performed only by qualified technicians who have a wealth of experience in the field.
Checks will include the general condition and performance levels; verify the essential components of the system and functionality. Plant is inspected to verify its conformity with the most recent regulations. A full inspection report is provided together with any recommendations for remedial actions.

Maintenance contracts offer several advantages:
· Reduced repairs and down time in the long term
· Discounted spare parts
· Possible maintenance costs forecasting
· Detailed report and recommendations