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Frigosystem temperature control units with undirect exchange are provided with large surface heat exchangers. They can operate in open loop (TRW98) or pressurized closed circuit up to 170°C /338°F (TRW150-160-180). All electrical heaters are in AISI 316L and always connected to a solid state relay for the optimization of the heating power. Control panel complete with associated control equipment with digital microprocessor control for set and actual temperatures and safety alarms. PID regulator with 0,5°C accuracy and graphic visualisation of all functions.

TRW180, WATER THERMOREGULATION up to 170°C /338°F, which are the benefits?

Efficient heat exchange
Longer life of the temperature controllers
Higher safety level in the production area
Water is always available, no need of specific and expensive fluid supplies, no wasting cost
Ecofriendly solution, no pollution