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i-RHD is the new serie of chillers with FULL INVERTER compressor and R513a refrigerant gas, the result of Frigosystem’s diligient approach to sustainability. To match the requests of the market/applications, other types of refrigerant gas are also available, including more common R-134a and HFO R1234ze. i-RHD chillers have been accurately designed to make your industrial process cooling activities highly efficient and reliable. Designed to guarantee the highest performance in any operating condition, the i-RHD uses innovative variable speed technologies on both compressors (full inverter) and fans (EC). The use of innovative components has enabled Frigosystem to increase the efficiency of this new serie. With this new release, the maximum degree of efficiency reaches a SEPR HT index of up to 6.10.



R-513A gas has a low GWP (Global Warming Potential), with reduced environmental impact for an eco-sustainable future. HFO R-1234ze GWP is even lower.


Industrial facilities are usually charaterized by high loads all year round. Even in high load profile applications, i-RHD ensures significant efficiency improvement compared to traditional fixed speed compressor units. The inverter technology involves a start up phase with a very low in-rush current, meaning no electrical and mechanical stress. The unit never exceeds the nominal current value even during start up phase.


The unit, when working in partial load, is far quieter than the fixed speed compressor unit.

In applications with units working at partial load for most of the year, i-RHD ensures extremely low noise operation down to -5 dB(A).

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