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i-RPE is the new serie of Frigosystem chillers with hermetic scroll compressors, driven by fixed speed and variable speed motors and mono circuit configuration using R410a refrigerant gas. The i-RPE chiller solution guarantees a better efficiency at partial loads compared to chillers with fixed speed compressors, offering a flexible and reliable technology that adapts to different load conditions, thanks to accurate thermoregulation combined with the inverter technology. The use of this new compressor has enabled Frigosystem to increase the efficiency of this range: with this new release, the maximum degree of efficiency reaches a SEPR HT index of up to 5.40. The disctintive features of i-RPE chillers are the highest operating reliability, amazing energy efficiency, fast and easy installation.



• Continuous power modulation

• Energy distribution according to the real needs of the process

• Maximum efficiency in any load condition

• High temperature stability of the chilled water

• Correct management of the oil level of compressor


In a traditional industrial process application, the chiller usually runs at maximum power for only a limited number of hours per year, while operating at partial load for the majority of the time.
This is the typical situation where the efficiency achieved by the Frigosystem i-RPE chiller, with inverter technology, is greater than chillers using a fixed speed compressor.


The wide availability of configurations and accessories ensure the easy adaptability of i-RPE to any industrial process application.


Aluminium microchannel battery arranged in a “V” structure for:

• Reduction of refrigerant charge compared to the traditional CU/Al battery

• Reduced weight of the chiller

• Protective e-coating available as option for industrial and marine environments


i RPE1 i RPE2






















High efficiency axial electric fans with standard speed modulation allows:

• Precise air flow management, reduced energy consumption and lower noise level at partial load

• Condensation control for extended operating range
EC fan UP TO 8% SEASONAL EFFICIENCY are available on request (option) for:

• Continuous regulation of flow
• Reduced consumption and increased efficiency at partial load