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Small chillers, big efficiency

Natu-RA series offer reliability, precision and efficiency starting from the smallest cooling powers.

The new generation condenser, combined with the ecological gas R410-A and an evolved microprocessor, guarantee SEPR efficiency according to the latest European regulations.

Main characteristics:

- Ecological refrigerant gas R-410A
- Customisable hydronic group: standard version with integrated tank and process pump
- Water circuit with thermal insulation
- Automatic filling
- Large condenser with generous fin spacing for reduced soiling and ease of maintenance
- Designed for installation indoors or outdoors
- Maximum ambient temperature 45°C
- Removable side panels for easy access and maintenance
- Control panel complete with associated control equipment with digital microprocessor control for
set and actual temperatures and safety alarms
- User-friendly LCD display with graphic and textual symbols of all functions
- Interface and supervision with the evolved FS i-Link system