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AleCEO fs

In the year of the 50th anniversary of the business, Frigosystem became the protagonist of a very important change in the company structure.
In July 2020, Alessandro Grassi, former CEO, took over 100% of the share package becoming, in effect, CEO with a sole shareholder.
This is a very significant acquisition that seals a path of growth and consolidation of the group, within which there are now 6 companies, 3 of which are foreign branches.

"I have been working in the family business since after graduation", comments Alessandro Grassi, "and I have always passionately supported the project started half a century ago by my family.
The formal management of the handover was essential to give our market a clear signal of the desire to invest, expand and further enhance Frigosystem's position in the industrial refrigeration scenario in the world ". Following in the footsteps of his parents, with whom there was no lack of differences of views, Alessandro has been working at the forefront for a few decades: the international markets and institutions of the sector recognize him as the face of the company of Caronno Pertusella that has never stopped innovating and which today exports to more than 50 countries.

In the scenario of the current instability and the crisis of some competitors, this operation is relevant as it is added to the list of investments that Frigosystem is carrying out: very recent is also the acquisition of a plant which has led to the doubling of production spaces.

“I thank the collaborators who have always expressed esteem and selfless trust in my person and in my vision”, concludes Grassi. “I think I grew up with many of them, together we have taken important steps and laid solid foundations. We still have many opportunities and we will not lack tenacity in grasping them".