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At K2019, Frigosystem will unveil its new series of temperature controllers: TRW for water and TMO for oil. The range of 10 different structure frames has been redesigned to make the units more compact, while a reconfiguration of components allows for easy access and maintenance. On the vertically developed oil units, the air evacuation on the commissioning phase is much quicker and efficient. The thermoformed plastic front provides the units with a refreshed look and a unique Frigosystem design.

In the new range, the cooling powers are available up to 300 kW and standard pumps up to 2000 l/min. The new heating modules allow heating powers up to 300 kW. Some models can be equipped with direct injection of hot oil, hot water or indirect steam and, thanks to their elevated CoP (Coefficient of Performance), all these external heat generating sources represent an efficient alternative to electrical heating. With the new TRW-TMO range, there are even more configuration possibilities.

Frigosystem has always been synonymous with high performing, efficient and reliable machines, but with this latest development, has further strengthened its unrivalled position as a skilled and reliable partner for OEMs and endusers who require special versions for a myriad of applications, not only in the plastic industry.

Frigosystem has a wealth of experience in the design and manufacture of monobloc solutions with multiple flows and temperatures, optimized for multizone processes and systems. K2019 will show how and why thermoregulation is becoming more and more crucial when processing innovative, technical and sustainable thermoplastic materials and composites: MDO lines (monoaxial film orientation) and annealing stations are just one example, and Frigosystem is on the case!