Water chillers

The refrigeration of water is Frigosystem field of excellence: the company is a worldwide leader in the manufacturing of water chillers.
The core business is related to the infinite applications of the plastic industry.

Air chillers

Air cooling is a niche for experts only and Frigosystem has a relevant technical role with a package of solutions for every air process: from extrusion blown film to food and aeronautics.

Dry coolers

After having devised the Free-cooling and the dual free-cooling in single frame, Frigosystem present the new line of DRY COOLERS, born for flexibility needs and manufacturing cost saving.

Temperature control units

Large range with different WATER & OIL models for any industrial field.


Combined heating-cooling units.
Brilliant & compact all-in-one solution which integrates in one monobloc unit, either the cooling process and the thermoregulation for any industrial application.

Special explosion proof units

Within the European Union, electrical and mechanical machinery operated in explosive environment must comply with the ATEX (ATmospheres EXplosibles) conditions.

SKID Pumping systems

Customised pumping systems for any application. First class pumps, installed on basement.


ACE is an Adiabatic dry cooler which uses the ambient air to cool process water.